1. It depends where on the planet you are talking about. The amount of solar energy you will be able to obtain will be very different if you are installing a system in Seattle/Portland in the North West of the US, vs in the deserts of California, Arizona, and New Mexico. Once you determine the location then you will be able to obtain the data on the maximum amount of energy obtainable, type of system needed etc etc. When and if you get serious about installing a system contact the guys at Sun Electronics as they did my Uncle’s house in the Florida Keys, In Laws place outside of Chicago and Brothers boat in the Caribbean and everybody has been very impressed with their finished products.

  2. The manufacturing processes of solar panels are very toxic. They’re ugly, they don’t work, they require maintenance. To get solar panels enough to provide for your energy, you’d have to pay more for the panels than you would in purchasing a lifetime of electricity.

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