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  1. Ok. I was planinga small sytsem for a guy who wanted to power a couple of 15 watt lights a small tv set for a couple of hours a night. Not knowing how much power your fish tanks will require, I will give you what he is looking at doing.60 watt solar module 388.37Trojan 80AH AGM battery 187.95Sungaurd-4 4.5 amp charge controller 30.00Pro-watt 400 watt inverter 63.36Cost before shipping and taxes 669.68 USDHe will be using a long cord and mount the solar module out side and put the charge controller, AGM battery and inverter inside. Simple setup that he wants because he can take it with him when he moves. has enough powe to get you through the night. The battery will hold 960 watts of power just using half 480 watts would let you power 120 watts of items for 4 hours and keep the battery above half charge.If you were to use that much power with a 60 watt solar module as the only source of power It would take 8 to 10 hours of peak sun light to recharge the battery. That should give you some kind of an idea of what you would need a an idea of the cost. Hooking it all up is pretty simple, Hook the Plus on the modules to the Solar Plus on the charge controller. Then hook the Battery Plus on the charge controller to the Plus on the battery. Same for the inverter. Plus to plus and Neg to neg.You might want to ask a few more questions or read up on things a little before you do it .. But really it is all pretty simple. Remember that it is electricity and can burn or kill a person. Be careful.

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