1. As in America the sun if all homes are fitted with photo voltaic powered hot water heaters the fuel and energy savings would be allowing us to use less fossel fuels cleaner air reduced electric costs for the homeowners OH OH what am I saying won’ t work as it is usually killing the energy companys profits, dumb me .

  2. Nuclear strength natural ??? nuclear is filthy – the applied nuclear waste carries a half lifestyle of hundreds to a large number of several years – it certainly not goes away or becomes less hazardous to humans along with other existence relating to the earth – if the nuclear plant has an accident and melts down there goes that part of the earth, possibly for fine – assume Chernobyl in Russia, 3 Mile Island inside US -( that was a around miss).
    The websites in Russia is continue to toxic to this day. Not to mention there’re a nice target for terrorists, once you are paranoid. Pv, wind, etc. is achievable in Canada, pv works anywhere the sun hits, you have wind, precise ?? you can get a lot of other approaches to produce cleanse power.

  3. Given that, at the present time, most environmentally friendly power will not be cheaper to produce. Technology continues to improve, but resources such as solar and wind capacity are not a lot more sustainable than petroleum based resources. Add within the greed of green vigor producers who see a window of opportunity to charge premium prices and you could have the current situation.

  4. “We hope that ultimately solar energy can be extensively used in the commercial sector as well as the private sector. Imagine solar cells installed in cars to absorb solar energy to replace the traditional use of diesel and gas. People will vie to park their cars on the top level of parking garages so their cars can be charged under sunlight. Using the same principle, cell phones can also be charged by solar energy. There are such a wide variety of applications.”

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